Rheticus® Displacement

Monitoring stability of surface and infrastructure



Land and infrastructure monitoring is a key activity to ensure people’s safety, environmental protection and the safeguarding of assets at all stages of the life cycle of infrastructure design, production and management.
Traditional campaigns for the regular monitoring of large and remote areas, however, employ considerable financial resources and time and are often complex to implement.

The use of satellite technology allows overcoming these limitations and obtaining frequent, accurate and accessible information thanks to the wide availability of spatial information. Images captured by the Sentinel satellites are at the basis of the monitoring services provided by the cloud platform Rheticus.

The Rheticus service benefits from the combination / integration of two different web services. The first enables a complete analysis of your area of interest, the second strengthens your network management policy by offering a network alert service.

  1. Webportal to analyse the complete area
  2. Network alert service offering a customizable network monitoring
Rheticus is offered in collaboration with Imagem